Men Using Popular Deodorant Are Warning Others About Health Risks, Causing Chemical Burns On Their Skin [VIDEO]

Many people take pride in their personal appearance. They have a morning routine that includes showering, shaving, and well – deodorant. Deodorant is a necessary part of life – you don’t want to smell – right? We apply the product to our underarm area after we shower as part of our daily routine.

The variety of scents that are available are quite mind boggling. But, once you find a brand and scent you like, you are probably going to stick with it. Every now and again, you try something new. The last thing you expect your deodorant to do is burn! Rodney Colley, 23, is a college student in Alexandria, VA who was burned by his deodorant – and he isn’t the only victim.

chemical burns from deo
Image Credit: Rodney Colley / IJ Review

In an interview with IJ Review, Colley said he saw what looked like a diaper rash forming in his armpit area that kept getting worse.

Colley said that he had used other products from the line of deodorant before and never had any issues. Michael Smith, a YouTube user, also reported a similar injury (see below).

chemical burns from deo
Image Credit: Michael Smith / YouTube

The product these two men (and others) had been using was from Old Spice. The company, according to Consumer Affairs, has 155 product complaints on their deodorant line.

chemical burns from deo
Image Credit: Amazon

When people rated their products (five-star ratings), 70 people gave the products a one-star rating (and there were 75 total ratings given).

chemical burns from deo
Image Credit: Imgur

Smith, Colley, and others have suffered chemical burns from the Old Spice deodorant.

chemical burns from deo
Image Credit: YouTube

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