Megyn Kelly Criticized Over “Inappropriate” Dress She Wore For Putin’s Interview

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly met with Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of a sit-down interview for NBC News, and was heavily criticized for her choice of attire.

The pair was pictured at a dinner at Konstantin Palace in Russia, with Kelly wearing a $990 blue, off-the-shoulder velvet dress with a large slit.

The outfit was completed with velvet pumps and an oversized gold ring, Daily Mail reported.

Many readers criticized Kelly’s outfit, calling it inappropriate for the occasion.

“Good Lord. She looks like a character out of ‘Pretty Woman.’ So unprofessional,” one Daily Mail reader commented.

“More appropriate for an evening out than an interview with a head of state. She has no class and poor taste,” another wrote.

“Totally inappropriate dress for this type of interview. Maybe she was still confused about who she was interviewing. She had claimed early on that her first interview would be with the Kardashian’s,” another added.

Kelly recently spoke with The Daily Beast about her move to NBC News, which came after her very public split from Fox News.

“It’s allowed me to open up more and show more of who I am through my interview subjects,” she told the website.

“I just feel like people will really get to know who I am in this job. It wasn’t that I wasn’t my authentic self when I was at Fox. I would say quite the contrary. But this just allows me to show a range of emotion and personality and sides of me that wasn’t possible when I was in prime-time cable news.”

Kelly also commented on potentially interviewing President Donald Trump, with whom she had a now-infamous feud during the presidential campaign.

“I wouldn’t say no to a sit down with President Trump,” she said. “It’s not something I am pursuing right now. I think there is an opportunity to cover politics on this show, and, of course, we will be doing hard news. But there is also an opportunity to go so much broader than that.”

The anchor also commented on her new colleagues at NBC and the welcome she’s been given at her new network.

“I’ve been amazed at how supported I feel, from Tom Brokaw on down,” she said of her co-workers.

Even her time off the air since leaving Fox in January, she said, has been “amazing.”

“I’ve gone through the full range of emotions being at home. When I first got home with my kids, it was Shangri-La. It was just amazing just to have dinner with them Monday through Friday, which I hadn’t done in three years. And then I knew I was in the sweet spot when that was no longer a special thing, and they were used to seeing me there,” she said.

“But then things got extremely hard, because it’s extremely hard to be a stay-at-home mother. I was trying to do it all. I was trying to make up for lost time. And that was exhausting.”

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