Meat eater Obama warns world that consuming more steaks causes climate change

Former President Barack Obama, never one to turn down a good burger is warning the world that chowing down on a good steak will cause climate change. According to Breitbart, Obama shared his hypocritical views in Milan, Italy at a food innovation summit. Should the meat eaters of the world put down their steak knives now?

Obama was joined by his former White House chef Sam Kass, who is quite certain to have prepared the Obama family with countless tasty climate alarming beef laden meals. At the summit the former president turned his fake news climate control artillery at countries that were consuming more meat, which he stressed, “is spiking the growth of greenhouse emissions coming out of the agricultural sector,” reported Breitbart.

Unfortunately, Obama’s hypocritical liberal pronouncements were not lost on the summit attendees or his former chef, when the former commander-in-chief commented on how eating less meat would lessen the amount of impact cow flatulence …i.e. methane being released. His former chef debated with him over the amount of steaks he had prepared for him.

Kass emphasized that he had, “probably cooked ‘thousands of steaks’ for the president.”
Obama, not one to be outed for his obvious hypocrisy being revealed by his former cook, stressed, “I don’t think, thousands.”
Not to be outdone or portrayed as a possible liar, the chef responded, “Well hundreds maybe,” and added, “I’ve been cooking for you for 10 years.”

On a more serious note, Obama insisted that instead of eating steaks and other forms of meat people would be better served to join environmentalists who advocate following plant-based diets, according to Yahoo News. He mentioned that meat eaters are emotionally influenced by by art as well as religion to eat more meet, He cited seeing Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” mural, at the Santa Maria delle Grazie church as an example.

In other words, if meat had not been served at the ‘Last Supper” climate change would not be quite the serious issue, Al Gore fanatics claim that it is. Obama underscored the downside presented by the freedom Americans enjoy to eat a burger when they want, Obama warned, “People are more resistant to the idea of government or bureaucrats telling us how to eat, what to eat, how to grow, etc.,” reported Yahoo News.

Well, Some, would say thank God, Americans have the protection of the U.S. Constitution to not have environmental alarmists like Obama or the United Nations ordering Americans to put down their cheese burgers and pick up a vegan burger to go.

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