McDonald’s Furious Over Franchise’s Pro-Police Theme, When They See The Reason, They Reversed

Employees at the local McDonald’s on North Orange Avenue had proudly decorated their restaurant in blue to support police officers in honor of National Police Week, which ends Saturday, May 20.

Blue ribbons and blue stripes were placed throughout the restaurant, according to Erik Avanier with News4Jax. Employees were then told by corporate that they had to take down the decorations.

News4Jax contacted the McDonald’s corporate office and was told that they were not unhappy about the ‘message’, but that they did have a ‘no sign’ rule which they would have to go by.

Employees had no choice by to comply and take the decorations down.

A customer, Mary Tillman, said: “I think it’s cruel for people to do things like that.”

News4Jax began hearing criticism of the rule that said the decorations had to come down. Another customer, Chandler Steele, said, “I think we live in a time where we let political things get in the way of what really matters and I think the whole purpose of this is to honor those fallen officers.”

 The employees were also upset over the decision to take down the decorations.  News4Jax decided to contact the McDonald’s corporate office, who issued a written statement that said  “the McDonald’s in Green Cove Springs is locally owned and operated. Beyond that, we’re not commenting.”

Something happened after that statement was issued, and it still isn’t known what. But employees told News4Jax that they received permission to put their blue decorations back up on Monday evening, May 15.  One social media post said “McDonald’s is putting the BLUE back up!!!!! Please make sure you support them as they are us.”

A spokesman for the Green Cove Springs Police Department said that the McDonald’s ‘had always led the community when it came to supporting local law enforcement officers.’

 We’d like to thank McDonald’s, and this franchise in particular, for showing support for our fallen heroes.
Source: BlueLivesMatter

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