• June 13, 2024

Maxine Waters Moves Past Impeachment: Wait Til You Hear What She Wants Now

 Maxine Waters Moves Past Impeachment: Wait Til You Hear What She Wants Now

What can be said about Maxine Waters that hasn’t already been said about Radio, Rain Man and Forrest Gump?  That pretty well sums up her time in the House of Representatives.  For quite a while she has been preaching about impeaching President Donald Trump without ever giving a reason why.

It’s not like he used his position in government to lobby for a bank where his husband was on the board and she and her husband had a lot of money invested.  Nope, that was Waters herself.  He also doesn’t sell endorsements as a way of funneling a quarter of a million dollars to her daughter.  No, his daughter came by her money the really old fashioned way, she earned it.

But now, she has moved beyond impeachment and is suggesting that the president be exiled.  I must have missed that part of the constitution.

 What is there left to say about Maxine Waters?

She gave up trying to be a real politician a long time ago and this whole Trump thing has thrown her for a loop to the point where there’s no coming back from the fantasy land she now lives in.

She has been one of the most vocal supporters of a Trump impeachment regardless of the fact there is not a shred of evidence connecting him to the Russian conspiracy theory the Democrats have adopted.

It seems like Maxine might be starting to understand that people aren’t listening to her anymore because she just upped the ante in a very strange way.

She moved on from impeachment and is now talking about exile.

Yes, exile. Like Napoleon exile.

I once endeavored to test Waters’ IQ and she agreed to it, but I dropped the idea when she misspelled IQ.

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