Massive Crowd At Vigil Left Stunned After Seeing What Was In 10yo Guest’s Hand [WATCH]

A 10-year-old Arkansas boy is melting hearts across the country after he donated the money that he was saving to buy a guitar to a family who lost their son.

18-year-old Brent Price was killed in a car crash on June 30, 2016. The recent high school graduate was looking forward to starting dentistry school this fall. Unfortunately, his family couldn’t afford the funeral expenses. They set up a GoFundMe page, which stated, “Every little bit that is donated can help this family lay Brent to rest. No family is ever prepared to lose someone so young and it would mean a great deal to help this family in their time of need.”

When 10-year-old Max Morris happened to pass by a candlelight vigil the community was holding for Brent, something about the gathering struck a chord deep within him. He ran home, broke his piggy bank open, and ran back to the vigil with three dollars in his hand. Then, he made two more back-and-forth trips to get whatever extra cash he could scrounge up – roughly $20 altogether.

The little boy had been saving up to buy a guitar because he wants to be a country music star when he grows up, but something about Brent’s vigil made him realize that this family needed it more. “I was saving up for a guitar for like five weeks. And then as I was walking back, I just said you know what they need it more. Just forget about the guitar. I can get that later,” says Max.

This story has a happy ending, however. Dan Olben was so touched by Max’s generosity, he donated one of his guitars to the boy. “I’ve got a guitar and you just touched my heart, and I want you to have it,” he said as he gave the guitar to Max.

According to his family, this is pretty typical behavior for the 10-year-old. “I’m about to tear up now. Max is our little blessing,” said his dad, Jeff Morris.

Sources: America Now

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