• June 24, 2024

Marine’s Rant About White People Is Making Waves Across The Internet [WATCH]

 Marine’s Rant About White People Is Making Waves Across The Internet [WATCH]

Black Lives Matter has conveniently fallen out of favor with Democrat politicians, and they have no reason to fund the divisive movement any longer.

A former U.S. Marine released a video condemning the Black Lives Matter movement, claiming that they need to accept that all lives matter.

Michael Whaley took to social media this weekend, blasting the Black Lives Matter movement right between the eyes.

Whaley called out the “racist” movement and those within it, while explaining that it’s absurd to hate White people over things that happened centuries ago and pointing out that “White people have “fought and died” for Blacks throughout history.

Whaley, 27, who was honorably discharged from the Marines in 2012, said he is promoting the fact that all lives matter because the Black Lives Matter movement “only promotes racism.”

“The main reason I made this video is to wake people up,” he told BizPac Review. “And for the black race, because I think we are the main ones being racist.”

“All lives matter,” he said passionately in his video posted Sunday to YouTube and Facebook. “That police officer [Darren Goforth] that got killed by that black man because that black man listened to what you all were saying about going out and killing white people. That police officer’s life mattered.

“That nine-year-old girl [Jamyla Bolden] in Ferguson, Missouri that got shot in the head while she was doing her homework in a drive-by shooting that none of you protested, her life mattered.”

Whaley said since he released the video he has received tons of hate mail, but it doesn’t affect him because “Jesus is [his] motivation.”

He said that he is pushing this movement to honor both his mother, who died in 2011, and the Marine Corps, each of whom taught him to be color blind and love people for who they are.

Black Lives Matter aren’t the only race agitators Whaley holds contempt for either.

“If I saw Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson I would punch them in their faces because they only show up when a white person kills a black person,” he told BPR. “They instigate racism.”

As a Marine veteran, Whaley also sent a message to a group of black people who want to stage a nationwide protest on Sept. 11 desecrating the American flag with the hashtag #FYF911 which stands for “F**k Your Flag.”

“If you want to stomp on the flag and you hate America why are you here?” he asked. “If you hate this country so bad get out.”

Whaley said no matter how bad the vitriol gets that comes his way he will continue his mission to unite people with love and “kill them with kindness.”

Sources: MadWorldNews


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