Man’s ‘successful’ Tinder date goes horribly wrong – ends up having to call police


Tinder dates don’t always go well.

Sometimes, you can’t swim, and you’re stuck on a boat with three other random girls and a man who thinks he’s Casanova, but isn’t.

Or you’ve gone out with a woman who’s decided to take you purse shopping before proceeding to map out your new life together. Purse shopping!

One lad suffered a Tinder fail recently. He had a date over and ended up having to call the police. It started off well, but ended up getting all sinister and upsetting.

The man, who doesn’t want to be identified, told Reddit last week that he had a girl called Jennifer over for some sex after the pair matched on the dating app, but when he suggested she go home a little later as he had work in the morning, she avoided doing so. And stayed a lot longer than he’d have liked.


“I told her earlier she had to go before bedtime cause I have to get up early for work,” the man, from the US, wrote.

“She asked me if she could stay for dinner and I said ok, then she passed out and when I tried to wake her up to ask her to leave, she said, ‘No.. I’m too tired.’ I’m a pretty nice guy and I hate confrontation.”

Things got worse when he woke up and she refused to leave his house. In a desperate plea for guidance, he explained that she didn’t leave for “two days”, and had another date the next day.

It sounds all quite amusing. But then the bloke really did have to call the police, and when they came over, they found that the tags on the car she had parked outside had expired two months earlier. They also discovered that Jennifer had apparently nicked a watch, some of his mail, and various other items of his, LabBible says.

From: Mirror UK

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