• April 17, 2024

Man’s Shocking New Last Name Sparks Outrage; Is It ‘Inappropriate’?

 Man’s Shocking New Last Name Sparks Outrage; Is It ‘Inappropriate’?

A judge has granted a Texas man’s wish to take President Donald Trump’s name.

Ernesto Trump, formerly known as Ernesto Baeza Acosta, is an Odessa resident and YouTube entertainer who describes himself on his Facebook page as the president’s son, proclaiming: “I am the undeportable one.”

Trump, 34, told mySA.com that he legally made the change on Monday after contemplating the idea since the president first began a run for the Oval Office.

In a court petition filed last week, Trump said he sought the change “because it is more suitable for professional purposes.”
“And then, I’m Hispanic, and I guess that makes it to some people more ‘weird,'” Trump said.

The Texas Trump said that he has been a supporter of the president since the beginning.

“The man, to me, has done nothing wrong,” he said, adding, “He ain’t trying to take our guns away. A lot of us here in Texas like guns.”

On Monday, Trump sent a message to President Trump in a YouTube post calling for some father-son time.

“Maybe we would go to Wrigley field, eat a hot dog, drink a pint of beer. You know, go to the movies. Maybe I can go see my step brothers and sister and stepmom, and you know, eat dinner at the White House,” Trump said in the video.

Trump said that his birth parents were born in Mexico and came to the U.S. illegally more than 40 years ago, but have since attained green cards. He said his mother was upset with his name change, “but I told her, we all have our own lives.”

Trump said his family disowned him once he began creating videos on YouTube five years ago.

“They thought I was an embarrassment to the family,” he said.

According to Trump, there is a certain marketable appeal to his new name and he expects it will drive more people to his online platforms.

Besides creating a presence online, Trump said he has been featured on 12 TV shows, including MTV2 and TRU TV.

The ambitious new Trump said that his desire to be involved in the entertainment industry has garnered him haters from around the world, but right now he’s focused on sending one particular message out to the public.

“Help me reunite with my dad,” Trump said.

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