Man Violently Beats Wife In The Middle Of The Day: Moments Later, Karma HITS Back

A man violently beats his wife in the middle of the day, while people watched.

Thankfully. the man did not get away with his act and it was all caught on camera.

Here is more from The Sun:

THIS is the moment a have-a-go-hero knocks a man to the ground with a flying headbutt – after he saw him beating his ex-wife in a Turkish street.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the man repeatedly hitting the defenceless woman on the head with what appears to be rolled up papers in his hand.

When the woman collapses to her knees, the thug continues to rain blows on her as she screams for help.

A few seconds later, another man charges towards the brute and takes him down from behind with an incredible flying headbutt.

Other members of the public then gather to watch as the wife-beater remains pinned to the ground by his attacker.

One witness said: “The man was beating his wife.

 Moments earlier, the man is seen beating his ex-wife in the street

“She was crying and screaming.

“Then a passer-by knocked him down.”

Another passer-by said: “It was terrifying. The woman was yelling the place down.

She was trying to protect herself. This kind of violence in unacceptable.”

According to local media reports, the violence erupted after the couple, who are said to be divorced, attended a hearing at Istanbul Court of Justice.

The man – named as Mehmet T. was later arrested.





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