• June 14, 2024

Man Using iPhone While in Bathtub Found Dead, Wife Says “Chargers Should Carry Warning”

 Man Using iPhone While in Bathtub Found Dead, Wife Says “Chargers Should Carry Warning”

A wife was shocked to find her husband unconscious in a bathtub of their home as they were getting ready to go out and enjoy themselves with friends, according to police in the United Kingdom.

32-year-old Richard Bull of London, was electrocuted while taking a bath in his home as he had an iPhone on his chest while it was plugged into an extension cord.

His wife Tanya, called police and she thought that her husband was attacked and killed by an intruder. Police officers who arrived at the scene, initially thought that Bull committed suicide.

However, coroner Dr. Sean Cummings ruled that Bull died of accidental electrocution.

It appeared that Bull used his iPhone while taking a bath and placed the device on his chest, causing him to suffer severe burns.

Cummings told a court that he plans to write to Apple and other phone manufactures to include warnings to keep electronics away from water.

His father Anthony Watson told the inquest: ‘We were meeting him that morning, to exchange presents and were going for a curry, which he loved. And the next day he was going to stay with his brother.’

His brother Andrew said he was amazed such a small device can be fatal.

He said: ‘We can all be careless at times, when you’re younger you’re taught about electricity and the bath but you don’t think about it.

‘I live in the US and they say it can’t happen, and that there is not enough electricity. But in the UK it is enough. You don’t think there is enough electricity but there is.

‘We think he may have been there for a long time, he was getting ready to meet his family. It was such a needless and tragic accident.’

A match was held in Mr Bull’s memory in January by the club, while his teammate Nick Greenhalgh paid tribute to his friend.

He said: ‘He was a pleasure to play both against and with. He would play in any position without giving it a second thought.

‘He stepped back from nothing and left everything on the pitch for whichever side he was playing for.

‘He will be greatly missed, deepest commiserations to those he has left behind.’

Some £1,095 has been raised in Mr Bull’s memory by friends and family for The Salvation Army.

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