• June 13, 2024

Man Tries To Grab Shark By the Tail: Learns a Painful Lesson [VIDEO]

 Man Tries To Grab Shark By the Tail: Learns a Painful Lesson [VIDEO]

Two men were trying to force a shark caught on a fishing line to the shore, but the shark managed to move away from them.  One of the men went over and tried to grab the shark by the tail and evidently, the shark didn’t want his tail grabbed and bit the man badly on the hand.  You can see the man’s blood gushing out in the video at the bottom of this story.

 Footage shows two men trying to pull the small tiger shark that was hooked on a fishing line towards the shore near Johnnie Mercer’s pier in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina on June 29.

The short clip shows one of the men trying to grab the shark’s tail, but he was unsuccessful and it was able to swim a short distance away.

The man then tries again to grab the the small tiger shark, but the shark had other plans and viciously bites the man on his hand.

Blood can be seen gushing into the ocean water as the man retreats back to shore.

The man quickly exited the water holding his injury.

The roughly 4-foot-long shark was eventually pulled near the shore and had the hook removed before it was released back into the ocean, according to WWAY.

‘Sharks are wild animals and so we definitely don’t want to be messing around with any wild animal,’ educator Gail Lemiec from the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher told WWAY.
There’s no information about the man’s injuries.

H/T The Mail Online

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