Man Is Arrested After Tricking His Girlfriend Into Aborting Their Baby

A Kansas man was arrested and charged with tricking his girlfriend into aborting their baby by crushing an abortion-inducing pill over a pancake she was eating.

Scott Bollig was put on trial for the incident, in which he caused girlfriend Naomi Abbott – a police officer – to lose her fetus by lacing her pancake with the drug.

Balling reportedly admitted to police that he laced the pancake without Abbott’s knowledge, and that she ate three-fourths of the food. He reportedly bought five pills for $60 over the Internet in January of 2014 and threw the remaining four pills away after Abbott lost the fetus.

Soon after the death of the fetus, Abbott expressed concerns to a fellow officer that she thought her boyfriend was putting something in her food to terminate her pregnancy.

Pathologist Dr. Lyle Noordhoek, who performed an autopsy on the fetus, said a blood sample tested positive for mifepristone – the drug that Bollig used to abort the fetus.

During a hearing, Bollig’s attorney Daniel Walter questioned authorities’ interrogation tactics – claiming that they might not have properly read him his rights and that they allegedly coerced him into saying incriminating things, CBS News reported.

Walter also questioned why Kansas Bureau of Investigation agent Kevin Campbell and Police Chief Terry Eberle didn’t record the interview conducted with Bollig that ended in his arrest.

“I guess I’m from the old school,” Campbell said. If there’s two cops in a room interviewing a person, you don’t need a recording.”

He was not, however, found guilty of the more serious charges of first-degree murder, aggravated battery and a misdemeanor charge of distribution of adulterated food ( the pancake he was charged with spiking with an abortion pill and feeding to his then-girlfriend Naomi Abbott).

The seven-man, five-woman jury — pared down from 15 when three alternate jurors were allowed to return home, provided they were able to return to the Trego County Courthouse within 10 minutes — had deliberated for five hours before returning the verdict.

This story brings up numerous issues, like if a woman can abort a baby when the father disagrees how come the state steps in only when the woman keeps the baby and the man wants nothing to do with it?

Doesn’t the boyfriend being charged with murder mean that every feminazi in America will collectively lose their lunch?

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