Man Thinks He’s Only Celebrating His Promotion But He Was In For A Bigger Surprise [VIDEO]

A couple was out celebrating but the husband was in it for a big surprise when he found out he got another promotion on top of his job promotion.

Erik and Krista Boord are a pair of a loving couple that have always been dreaming of expanding their family tree by having kids. Unfortunately, Krista had a very hard time getting pregnant as they have tried conceiving for over five years. At some point, the two lost most of their hope as it seemed a baby just wasn’t going to happen for them.

Although it was a hard time for this lovely couple, they always remained supportive of each other.

“If we never have kids, it’s OK. If it’s just you and me, that’s enough for me,” Krista said to her husband.

Erik just got a promotion and a new job. Just in time when a few weeks before the promotion, Krista found out that she was finally pregnant and she thought it was the perfect opportunity to surprise her husband and father-to-be.

She invited Erik to dinner and brought him a little “congratulatory” gift. Erik, thinking that they were celebrating his new job and promotion but had no idea that the present waitinig for him would change his entire life forever.

Krista handed him the present and when he opened up the gift, he found a black fanny pack. Erik always made jokes stating that he’d be the perfect dad to bring back fanny packs as an ultimate ‘dad joke’. He didn’t realize the meaning of the fanny pack at first, but when Krista told him to look deeper into one of the pockets, he couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked at a positive pregnancy test.

Erik bursts into tears and absolutely loses it in pure joy and happiness when Krista said “The job is you’re gonna be a father”.

After five long years, they’d never thought they speak the words “We’re pregnant!”.




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