Man Starts Singing National Anthem, Now Keep An Eye On The Canvas In Front Of Him [VIDEO]

At a recent Arkansas Razorbacks basketball game, the entertainment was unlike anything fans have seen before. Even prior to the Razorbacks Men’s basketball team thrilling spectators with their court skills, the national anthem performance blew them away.

Artist Joseph Everson heads out onto the court and takes his position by a canvas. He grasps his hands around two paint brushes and takes a deep breath. He begins to sing the national anthem, while his hands start drawing white marks on the canvas. The crowd is memorized, and his beautiful voice is only matched by the gorgeous painting he is creating. The artist does not stop singing or painting, leaving everyone amazed by his multiple talents.

Spectators watched in awe as he went to work on his masterpiece. Joseph continues singing, and the crowd looks on and wonders what picture the artist is painting. He hurriedly splatters paint on one area of the canvas and uses his fingers to dot white areas on another section. He puts all of his effort into this painting, and it’s easy to tell that it’s going to be extra special. Watch the video below to see Joseph’s incredible performance and see what he was creating!

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