Man Sets Up Booby Trap To Keep People From Driving On His Lawn [Photos]

A homeowner in Pevely, Missouri thought he had found a way to beat pranksters at their own game – until he was told he could get into major trouble for trying to protect his property.

A man became so fed up with people driving their cars over his lawn that he decided to set up a booby trap to stop them. The trap consisted of a board placed in his grass that had nails sticking out of the ground. The nails were there to puncture people’s tires, KMOV-TV reported. The trap was camouflaged so well that drivers were unable to see it.

“They were painted black and they were buried in the ground, and it made it very difficult to see,” Pevely Police Chief Ron Weeks said.


The homeowner’s neighbors said that while they understand why the man felt an urgency to do something, the booby trap was unsafe. Police found out about the device in May of 2015, removed it and fined the man. However, booby traps aren’t necessarily illegal — meaning that police may not have had the right to remove the nail trap in the first place.

The Pevely City Council later held a vote to ban booby traps in the community.

The homeowner rejected interview requests and wished to remain anonymous.

Source: KMOV-TV

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