• June 25, 2024

Man Sees Walmart Disrespect Veteran, Then Spots What A Muslim Employee Is Doing

 Man Sees Walmart Disrespect Veteran, Then Spots What A Muslim Employee Is Doing

A Facebook post of Walmart’s customer, documented an issue involving a veteran and a Muslim employee, quickly got the attention of the public.

Lee Young shared the information in a since-deleted Facebook post, which included a photo of a Muslim Wal-Mart employee drinking from a water bottle.

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In his accompanying post, Lee said he approached an elderly employee named Val at the store in Okemos, Michigan, when he noticed the man wasn’t wearing his signature military veteran baseball cap with his Wal-Mart uniform.

Val, Young explained, was a proud veteran and everyone knew it because he showed his pride “through the highly decorated Veteran baseball cap.”

On that day, Val was wearing a Wal-Mart hat in place of his usual veteran cap, and a curious Young decided to ask why.

“Corporate will not allow me to wear that hat anymore while on the clock, because it goes against the dress code,” he replied. An emotional Young spoke to management to try to resolve the issue, but in the end he decided to boycott the store except on occasions when he had no other choice.

One of those times was a particular day where he could not avoid a trip to Wal-Mart, so he stopped in and noticed a woman wearing a headscarf and also a Wal-Mart staff vest.

“So one of our own, who signed his life away to protect our freedoms and homeland, cannot wear his simple old hat, but this woman can wear a headscarf proclaiming her love of the Muslim culture and her dedication to Allah!?” he questioned in the post.

The story sparked outrage among people who supported the veteran and questioned Wal-Mart’s motives.

“I say we all put on our patriot best and head to Walmart,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page. “I’ll walk that entire store and dare anyone to insult my attire, ask me to remove it….. Won’t be pretty!”

“I support the veteran and he should be allowed to wear his hat especially if muslims are allowed to wear their headgear,” another added. “I don’t see how Wal-Mart can not support a veteran but allow a muslim to defy their dress code. This is certainly not putting Wal-Mart in a good light.”

Sources: americanow.com

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