• May 24, 2024

Man Kicks Little Boy For No Reason, Not Seeing Who Is Behind Him [VIDEO]

 Man Kicks Little Boy For No Reason, Not Seeing Who Is Behind Him [VIDEO]

These are truly interesting times in which we live. It wasn’t so long ago when cellular phones were so large there was no way you would put one in your front pocket, and cameras? They were bulky and cumbersome as well. Fast forward to 2017 and it isn’t uncommon to see a child in the third-grade with a smart phone that has a better camera than you would find on the shelves of Radio Shack back in 1999.

With a camera in nearly every hand and mounted to many utility poles across America, there is no end to the amount of incredible and horrific things people witness on a daily basis.With video cameras in every hand on just about every corner, we get to witness some incredible things. Some of them are interesting and fun, while others are just downright despicable. One such video comes to mind and falls into the latter category.

The video shows a grown man standing with his back to the cash register in a fast food restaurant, talking on his phone. Anxious to place an order, an excited little boy can be seen running up to the counter and for no apparent reason the man turns around and swiftly kicks the little boy.

It is truly infuriating to witness a child being mistreated and abused.

Perhaps the boy was expressing his excitement a little too loudly as the man tried to carry on a conversation on the phone. I suppose stepping outside to have that conversation was simply too much trouble.

Whatever the reason may have been, nothing justified the man’s actions. Apparently, the boy’s dad felt the same way because he wasted no time in coming to the defense of his young son. Watch the video below.

H/T: U.K. Express

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