Man Goes Completely Nuts on Clerk After His Card Is Declined For M&M’s


A clerk at a California convenience store felt the wrath of a disgruntled customer whose debit card was declined when he tried to buy M&M’s, according to police. Security video from the Santa Ana 7-11, released on Wednesday, captured the mayhem, and let’s just say things escalated quickly.

First the customer and cashier can be seen peacefully conducting the transaction. Suddenly, the suspect lunged, smacked the clerk in the head, then shoved two cash registers off the counter. He also flung a banana at another store employee for good measure, before storming off.

“How do we know the card wasn’t stolen? We don’t at this point. I mean it wasn’t reported,” Cpl. Anthony Bertagna told NBC Los Angeles. “It just came up that it was non-sufficient funds to buy a 75 cent bag of M&M’s.”

The incident took place on February 11, but the mysterious snack attacker is still on the loose after causing $700 in damage. Because only the last four digits appear when a card is declined, authorities couldn’t use it to trace him.

Article source - Law Newz
Article source – Law Newz

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