• April 15, 2024

Man Gets Yelled At For Speaking Spanish to His Mother [VIDEO]

 Man Gets Yelled At For Speaking Spanish to His Mother [VIDEO]

“But I’m speaking to my mother in Spanish because that’s her language,” replies Hector Torres, who recorded the shocking incident.

A man in a wheelchair went off on a racist tirade in a Reno, Nevada, airport after overhearing a passenger speaking to his mother over the phone in Spanish.

Hector Torres, the man who was on the phone, recorded the shocking encounter on camera. He was waiting inside a Reno-Tahoe International Airport terminal, scheduled to fly to Los Angeles, when he started talking to his Puerto Rican mother in Spanish on the phone.

Suddenly, Hector said he heard someone behind him say, “Can you believe this s**t?”

In the video, a man identified only as “Mike,” can be seen hurling profanity-laden racist insults, at one point even saying, “Learn how to f*****g speak English,” he shouts. “We live in America.”

“But I’m speaking to my mother in Spanish because that’s her language,” replies Torres.

“I don’t give a s**t, shut up!” the man responds.

Though it’s not on the video it was reported that twice during the rant, Mike appears to physically confront Torres.

Just as Mike tries to ram his wheelchair into Torres’ seat (also not on the video), two Reno airport officers arrive.

Torres has decided not press charges against the man.

The obligatory Trump insult was attempted by Torres when he asked who Mike voted for.  As if all Trump supporters are racists who don’t like Spanish-speaking people. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see where that question was heading. Is it not ironic that Torres felt Mike was wrong for generalizing Spanish-speaking people while at the same time attempting to call Mike a racist because of who he voted for? Leftists have created an image of Trump as a racist by claiming he made certain statements that he never made. For example, leftists like to push the lie that Trump said all Mexicans are rapists and with an ounce of research you will conclude the lie is nonsense.

A bigger question: is it wrong to expect people who come from other countries to learn the language of the new country? One of the worst things you can do to new immigrants who come here is to tell them that they don’t have to learn to speak English, because when you don’t speak the language of your chosen country you will not be able to be successful. That is, outside of Democrat-created havens where communities only speak Spanish, because Democrats, who are whores for votes, don’t have the wherewithal to push learning to speak English for fear of a backlash, and backlash means no votes.

I’m not standing up for how Mike treated Torres. If nothing else, Mike was rude and inflammatory to someone who didn’t personally attack him. I’m just pointing out how decades of immigration with a lack of assimilation has caused a lot of problems for a lot of people. I am willing to bet that a very large percentage of Americans who are against illegal immigration do not have a problem with Spanish-speaking people who come here legally and who wish to assimilate into our society. I’m willing to bet they would welcome those immigrants with open arms.

But I digress…

“The Airport Authority is saddened to see this type of situation occur at our airport or any other airport for that matter,” said a statement from the airport. “The video is certainly disturbing. However, it is important to keep in mind that there may have been contributing factors with the individual involved that are not for public consumption, but that may have resulted in him acting the way he did.”

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