Man Gets Intimate With Woman But Feels A Sharp Pain, Realizes His Worst Nightmare Just Became Reality

Hey guys, what’s the worst thing that could possibly happen to you during sex?

Nope, not your mom calling. Even worse than that.

The Daily Mail reports that the unthinkable happened to Roman K. while he was in the throes of passion with his wife: He broke his penis.

“Our children had been left to stay with our parents, so my wife and I got a chance to be alone together,” recalled the 36-year-old Russian man. “But something went badly wrong as soon as we got together.”

Something went badly wrong indeed. According to Roman, he was engaged in standard sex with his wife — nothing kinky — when the incident occurred.

“It wasn’t an unusual position but a classic one — from behind,” Roman explained. “I heard a cracking sound and felt enormous pain. I looked down and saw blood pouring out of my manhood.”

After Roman was unable to stop the bleeding, his wife called an ambulance.

“I agreed because it looked like we could not manage to cope with this ourselves,” Roman said. “When the ambulance arrived I was still bleeding.”

According to the Daily Mail, Roman lost a liter of blood before doctors were able to stem the flow.

While Roman’s predicament sounds horrific, it is actually not uncommon. According to Men’s Health, “penile fracture” can occur when an erect penis sustains blunt force trauma, such as accidentally pushing too hard into the bony part of your partner’s body.

Fortunately, an erect penis doesn’t contain any bones, so the fracture isn’t as severe as, say, a broken arm. However, erections are caused by an excess flow of blood to the penile area, therefore a fracture can cause severe bleeding which may require surgery.

If the wound is left unattended, it could lead to serious health problems, even death.

“I was lucky that my urethra was also hurt and blood was escaping from here,” Roman said, according to the Daily Mail. “Otherwise blood would have gone inside my body, and I could have died.”

Roman is expected to spend 10 days in the hospital and said he hopes to make a complete recovery.

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