Man Faces Charges In Needless Death Of Dog

Police have arrested a Great Falls, South Carolina man almost a week after his Pit Bull was found chained and choked to death. The report shows that his dog was found in a position that looked like it was trying to get to shade on one of the hottest days this summer. Jail records show Keon Torrance Gladden, 23, has been charged with ill treatment of animals.

Records show that officers from the Great Falls police responded to a report of animal cruelty at a Walnut Street address in the town. The officers arrived at the home about 5:15 p.m. On July 10th, where a neighbor who had phoned in the complaint, told officers he believed the dog was being mistreated. He also told the officers he had checked on the animal many times previously and finally decided to call authorities.

When officers entered the yard, they found the dog dead, bloating and covered in flies and maggots, according to the official police report. The report goes on to say that the blue pit bull, was chained to a pole in the yard with a belt for a collar and very little shade. It also notes that the temperature that day was in the mid to upper 90’s.

Officers said it appeared the pit bull dog had choked to death while trying to crawl to a nearby bush to get into the shade. In addition, there were two bowls near the dog, but the food bowl was turned upside down and the water bowl was not only dry but had a layer of dust in it according to the report. The report also says there was a dog house in the yard, but the dog’s chain was too short to allow the animal to reach it.

The complainant reported that he had purchased a harness for the animal a few days before, but officers found it laying in the yard broken the report says.

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