• July 16, 2024

Man Breaks Into Homes, Does Something Shocking….

 Man Breaks Into Homes, Does Something Shocking….

A creepy intruder in Mason County, Washington, was arrested and charged after breaking into women’s homes and taking photos of their feet.

Chase Garner was arrested after an investigation led to police naming him as a suspect in the bizarre case — which produced shocking photos of some victims who were not identified.

“He was standing on this chair up here like this,” victim Bethany Brown told KIRO while demonstrating what happened to her. “And he was touching my feet, about right here.”

Brown said she lost sleep from the scary experience, and that she suffered terrible anxiety as a result.

“It’s concerning,” Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury said. “And it concerns me that it could escalate. Now that you’re inside the house what could come next?”


Strangely, Garner’s victims all had several things in common: they all worked in the service industry, lived with other people, and were between the ages of 17 and 22 years old.

Six different women came forward initially to report similar ordeals. “We started piecing more and more together,” Police Chief Darrin Moody said. “And I contacted the (Mason County) Sheriff’s Office and said, ‘I think we share some of the same things here.’

In a similarly bizarre incident, an Alachua County, Florida, man was arrested for breaking into a woman’s home and cooking fried chicken.

Samantha O’Neal told WOFL that she was shocked when she came home one day to find Ronald Wesly in her kitchen, cooking on her stove.

“I walked in to him standing here with this pot of oil, where he was frying chicken. The strainer right here, this chicken in freezer that got cut open, frying chicken,” she said. Wesly was reportedly drunk off of her sister’s liquor and was using sausage and chicken to cook food.

“He was in here, drunk as a skunk, just being Betty Crocker,” Melissa Stanley, O’Neal’s sister, said.

The woman screamed and did everything she could to get him to leave.

“I was scared. My sister was more scared. I just wanted him off the property, so I picked him up and threw him out the gate,” she said.

Police later found Wesly, an acquaintance of O’Neal’s, nearby and arrested him.

The woman said she was planning to take the necessary precautions to avoid a second occurrence.

“Definitely, there’s going to be cameras and dead bolts, so nothing like this ever happens again,” she said. She added that a friend of hers tried the chicken Wesly made and that it was “seasoned very well.”


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