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Lying Muslim Cop Claims ‘Discrimination’- His Boss Enlightens Him With These Words [VIDEO]

 Lying Muslim Cop Claims ‘Discrimination’- His Boss Enlightens Him With These Words [VIDEO]

A Muslim officer at a Florida Police Department filed a lawsuit against the Orange County Sheriff’s Office due to religious discrimination. The Sheriff then gave him a perfect response.

Although most Americans are well aware of the jihad involving horrific terrorist attacks, waging war against the infidels carries a broader definition that can be even more dangerous than outright violence. While these crimes are easily identifiable, stealth jihad that revolves around using our laws to erode our freedoms is much more effective in conquering a powerful Western nation. Unfortunately, for one “peaceful” jihadist, his Sharia plot was quickly disrupted once the sheriff spoke up.

In November 2015, Waleed Albakri filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, alleging that both his ex-coworkers and former employer displayed “Islamophobia” and harassed him for being a Muslim, WESH 2 reports. Albakri accused the non-Muslim officers of mocking him with comments such as “terrorist” and saying that he’d “never be an American.” He was also upset that the department had refused his demand for special accommodation to fast during the month of Ramadan. Subsequently, Albakri demanded monetary compensation for “emotional pain, suffering, and humiliation” as well as reinstatement as Deputy at the sheriff’s office. What he received instead probably wasn’t what he expected.

Instead of caving to Albakri’s outrageously entitled demands, the sheriff’s office quietly responded by providing the court and media with the Muslim ex-deputy’s sordid criminal record. Albakri’s history at the department includes several major instances of corruption and serious federal crimes that occurred while he was working as an officer of the law. Additionally, the sheriff’s office reminded the judge and news outlets that Albakri wasn’t complaining about harassment or discrimination until after he was fired for his crimes.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that a federal jury ultimately determined the Orange County Sheriff’s Office never harassed or discriminated against Albakri during his employment from 2008 to 2014, prompting the judge to rule in favor of the department. Albakri’s requests for damages and re-employment were denied, echoing a major failure in his nearly 2-year civil rights case.

“I just want to be reinstated,” Albakri said. “I want my name cleared, and I want the sheriff’s office to take responsibility for what their employees did. People knew about it because people were watching, and there were supervisors watching all of these actions. And guess what? No one did anything to end it.”

Although the media gushed over Albakri’s Medal of Merit, which he received for rescuing 2 children from an SUV in a pond in 2010, many overlooked his disreputable criminal history. In August 2012, Albakri was arrested for staging a home burglary to illegally collect payments for renter’s insurance from his insurance company. During this time, the authorities approved of dropping the charges if Albakri agreed to enter a pretrial diversion program to reprimand his behavior.

In 2014, Albakri was again arrested for insurance fraud but was given no option to negotiate a deal with the department. He was immediately fired after investigators again determined that he had schemed to defraud the insurance company, which the jury agreed was the reason for his discrimination suit.
“This organization decided to treat Waleed differently, because he was Muslim,” said Katherine Heffner, with the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Of course, Saudi-funded designated terrorist organization CAIR’s inflammatory accusation has a hidden meaning. The truth is that the organization didn’t treat Albakri differently but exactly the same as his non-Muslim coworkers. Albakri demanded to be treated differently because he was Muslim, believing he was entitled to special accommodation and privilege during his religious fasting. His religious supremacy peaked when he expected to be reinstated and given compensation after committing serious federal crimes while holding a respected position of immense legal authority.

Albakri’s entitlement and flagrant supremacy are common in the Muslim world. Despite making up a tiny minority, the Muslim population makes themselves appear much larger and more powerful by constantly making demands of the America people and threatening retaliation if they are denied.

The Quran proclaims that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims and, therefore, must subjugate them harshly until they feel subdued and obey Islamic law. Albakri was simply exacting his religious subjugation of his unbelieving counterparts in an effort to enforce Sharia law, which prohibits non-Muslims from even legitimate criticism of Islam.

Article Sources: Mad World News

Photo Credit: The Orlando Sentinel 

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