Lump On Man’s Eye Gets Bigger, He Takes Drastic Action [VIDEO]

A man took drastic measures to pop a huge cyst on his nose right next to his eye (video below).

Dr. Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, posted the clip of the man getting the massive cyst removed. The cyst is located between the man’s left eye and nose, and is extracted by first being cut into.

Lee then squeezes the cyst and reveals a shocking stream of pus. She then cleans the cyst and removes a few calcified pieces before sealing it with stitches.

“My family is going to be much happier. Every time I see my grandma she says, ‘When are you going to get that removed?’” the man said to Lee.

“You’re a regular two-eye guy now,” she replied. “They say that they call them a third eye blind.”

The shocking extraction quickly went viral after Lee posted it online, and some viewers shared their own cyst removal horror stories.

“My hubby had a big one as well , he too was Afrid of going to the Dr. When he finally went … we had to meet the Dr. The next morning at Got there The Dr [told] me I was his helper and gave me gloves. Pictures were taken All [through] the process,” one Newsiosity reader wrote on the site’s Facebook page.

“The Dr. Said he had never had such a Big one to work on!!! He was [excited], oh my. My hubby looked and felt So much Better. But it was Really Gross for me—-ugh!!!!”

H/T: America Now 

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