• June 24, 2024

Little Boy’s Dad Attacks Him With Hammer, Midway Through Attack, Boy Looks Down At Hand And…

 Little Boy’s Dad Attacks Him With Hammer, Midway Through Attack, Boy Looks Down At Hand And…

A 78-year-old pianist played his first concert after childhood abuse left him struggling to make his dream come true for decades.

When Norman Malone was 10-years-old, he had to protect his brothers and his mother from their abusive father. Malone’s mother would ask him to stay awake so he could protect the rest of the family from his father, but one night, Norman couldn’t stay up, Little Things reports.

“I was supposed to stay awake,” Malone recalled to CBS. “And I fell asleep.”

When Malone woke up that night, his father was beating him and his two brothers with a hammer. The boys would never be the same again as they were each left partially paralyzed for life.

When his violent father attacked him, his right hand was hit so hard that he lost all use of it. Since Malone dreamed of being a pianist throughout his childhood, he was devastated.

Despite the major setback, Malone never gave up. He knew he needed to figure out a way to make his dream come true, and that he did.

For more than 60 years, Malone spent most of his spare time in his apartment training himself to play piano compositions with just his left hand. He eventually discovered scores of music written for just left hand use.

One of his neighbors listened to his piano playing day after day and eventually wrote to a local jazz critic. Thanks to this neighbor, Malone was about to do what he had always dreamed of.

Malone played his first concert at 78-years-old. After he finished playing, he received a standing ovation from the audience and was reduced to tears. He was able to overcome his biggest insecurity and truly make his lifelong dream come true.

Watch CBS Evening News’ video of Malone’s story below:

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