Little Boy Accidentally Dialed 911, Writes a Letter To the Cops – Goes Viral

Remember the days of after school hijinks? Those precious few hours between when school ended and your parents returned home from work were prime time for misbehaving.

One boy in Maine took things a bit too far when he decided to “test” 911 after school one day. The boy tried to make good on his actions, though, by sending an apology letter to his local police department. You have to see how the officers reacted.

South Portland (Maine) Police Department posted on its Facebook page:

“It’s Monday, so up and at ’em and let’s get this week’s weather forecast started! I had to share this letter of apology from a young lad here in South Portland. He was apparently home, after school, and “tested” the E-911 system. We obviously don’t condone misuse of the 911 system (neither does the Legislature, since they made it a crime), but accidents can and do happen and we’re an understanding bunch. You see, we send officers to pretty much any 911 hang up or abandoned call; we sometimes find things quite awry during such responses and want to ensure the safety of those callers. So if you are trying to make a call and the person answering the phone unexpectedly says something to the effect of, “911, what’s your emergency?” please don’t panic. If you hang up or don’t say anything, we’re going to send officers to you; yes, we know where you are, perhaps much to your comfort or chagrin… even if you’re on a cell phone!

If you’re a victim, you’ll likely be pretty happy to see us (that is, of course, why we’re here!). If you freaked out when you realized you called us, by mistake, you may be less enthralled, but worry not… we know accidents happen… Instead of hanging up though, we would rather you stayed on the phone and just said, “Hello, Sidney, do you like scary movies?” in your most creepy and gravely voice… Well, I guess I wouldn’t truly recommend that either, but it’s where my mind went… gonna be one of those Mondays, i guess… Actually, just let us know that you called in error. We still may want to come and verify that you’re OK, but we’re less likely to tie up the same amount of resources in doing so. So, again, our thanks to our young resident (and, perhaps, his parents) for the note (and for accepting responsibility and setting the record straight)… And no worries, we’re a phone call away…. when you NEED us! Have a great day!”

The little boy’s parents did the right thing by having their son write an apology letter to the police. He learned that you have to own up to your mistakes, even if you think you’ll get into trouble. He learned that 911 isn’t a game, it’s serious business. And he learned that the police have a sense of humor. All great things for a boy to learn at a young age.

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