Kiara Robles, Trump Supporter Sues Everyone Over Berkeley Riots for $23 Million Dollars [VIDEO]

Kiara Robles who was pepper sprayed by the Nazi fascists on the left is suing practically all liberals for her injuries.  Named in the lawsuit are  UC Berkeley Police Department, the city of Berkeley Police Department, UC Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Party Chairman John Burton, and billionaire  George Soros.  The mayor of Berkeley belongs to antifa type group and is rumored to have ordered the police to stand down and allow the fascists to run wild and commit violent crimes.

 UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof said, “We are confident that UCPD’s actions will be vindicated against the plaintiff’s uninformed allegations.”

It’s been over four months since the attack and all information about the incident indicates that UCPD’s actions can never be vindicated.

As Blue Lives Matter’s National Spokesman put it:

The epic failure at the University of California Berkeley to safeguard lives and property during the recent riot personifies not only ineptitude and cowardice at the highest levels of University and Police leadership but something far darker and insidious. It reveals that same leadership becoming complicit in violating one of the most fundamental and cherished rights in America. That of free speech.

The “Incident at Berkeley” will go down in history as one the most embarrassing and degrading examples of police leadership in modern memory. The images of University of California Police Officers in full tactical gear doing absolutely nothing as a swarm of black-clad uniformly dressed, masked rioters, were attacking and injuring innocent people will forever darken the image of law enforcement officers everywhere.

When officers arrived at the area where the [initially peaceful] protesters were gathered at about 2 PM, they were ordered into the Martin Luther King building where the speech was to take place, where they would “shelter in place” until almost midnight.

H/T Blue Lives Matter

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