• July 23, 2024

Katy Perry Meltdown Complete As She Blames Sexuality on Trump

 Katy Perry Meltdown Complete As She Blames Sexuality on Trump

It was bound to happen. Katy Perry has finally gone from a weird Self-impressed singer with a troubled childhood, to a totally freaked out snowflake trying to find meaning in her life by blaming all men and especially President Trump because she has become a crazy left-wing nut job. Ever since the defeat of her hero, Hillary Clinton, Perry has slowly gone down the path to the dark side and self-destruction.


Whether it was cutting and dying her hair in an attempt to become relevant again, or blaming the president of the United States because she has descended into what she feels is the oppression of her sexuality in her early years by strong powerful men. Katy Perry may have finally reached the point of no return when it comes to reality.

In fact, it would seem that she has gone out of her way to make my point for me. Just this week, in an New York Times interview Perry revealed that it was Donald Trump who helped her achieve the “full sexual awakening”. However she was not specific as to how he achieved that bit of magic. Ms. Perry, who has obviously always had a problem with authority figures and morality issues, will tell you that she was raised by extremely religious and conservative parents. The child of Pentecostal minister parents no doubt had a very repressed sexuality growing up, but she recently said that President Trump had “triggered” her into dealing with the misogyny she experienced as a child, because as everyone on the left knows, President Trump hates women.

In the interview, Perry said, “The reality is that I was re-triggered on the election. I was re-triggered by a big male that didn’t see women as equal. And that had been, unfortunately, a common theme in my upbringing.” Perry added, “I went to that dark place that I had been avoiding, and I dug out the mold. It was not fun, but I did that—I’m still doing that.”

Strangely, it seems that the election of Mr. Trump, has given Ms. Perry the ability to get in touch with her inner womanhood, no matter how weird that woman may be. It has empowered her to cut and bleach her hair blond, and add a nose ring that just screams “I am a truly sexy woman, and you want me.” Of course no one has pointed out that immature teenagers have been doing the very same things for decades to rebel against their parents.

The insanity is that in an effort to make herself standout as a talented performer and woman liberated from the shackles of a religious upbringing, all she has done is turn herself into another Miley Cyrus, and we all know how influential Miley is, especially after taking that “wrecking ball” to her old image.

But the real irony is that President Trump would probably think it a compliment provided that he was even aware of Ms. Perry’s current adolescent tantrum. Because we all know just by looking at the women in his life, that he loves strong independent women.

Unfortunately, Perry in her effort to be seen as strong, independent, liberated, has only succeeded in making a mess out of her life, career and emotional well-being. Or as Katy herself put it, “I feel very empowered, extremely liberated, liberated from the conditioning of the way I used to think, spiritually liberated, politically liberated, sexually liberated, liberated from things that don’t serve.”

Oh, and by the way, I really want you to spend 20 bucks with I-tunes to buy my new album, Witness. Then maybe I will shut up for a while and give you all a break while I try to get my head screwed on straight.

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