Joy Behar: Trump ‘Needs To Be Taken Out Of Office’, Compares Him to Kim Jong-Un


Joy Behar said President Donald Trump needs to “be impeached” and “taken out of office.”

During “The View” on Monday, the co-host made it clear that she thinks Trump needs to be removed from office, calling him a “menace” and pleading for Republicans to turn on him like they did to Richard Nixon.

“The thing about Trump, is the things that he has said seriously about nuclear weapons is quite frightening,” Behar told the panel. “He said he was open to nuking Europe ’cause it’s a big place.’ Why doesn’t everybody face it, he needs to be taken out of office.”

“He needs to be impeached,” she added. “He’s a menace. You think Kim Jong-Un is crazy, so is he. So is he, let’s get real. He’s nuts and we are in the middle of it.”

Whoopi Goldberg then interjected that Trump’s lack of experience was going to get us into a war and panicked that no one will want to fight it.

“When Nixon was in trouble in the Watergate days, his own party turned on him,” Behar responded. “That is what is necessary now. The Republicans needs to step up and say, ‘my country is more important than the party. That’s it.”


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