• June 17, 2024

Joy Behar Made An Accusation About Trump That PROVES Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder [VIDEO]

 Joy Behar Made An Accusation About Trump That PROVES Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder [VIDEO]

“The View” host Joy Behar attacked president Donald Trump’s immigration ban Monday and suggested it will lead to “recruiting more ISIS terrorism.”

Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and other ladies on the talk show praised the protests over the weekend directed against the president’s recent executive order that temporarily prevents migration from seven Muslim-majority countries and questioned why the president isn’t “looking” at the problem of homegrown terrorists instead.

“Lets go 10 years back, nobody from another country has come in here..from those countries….no illegal immigrant has come in here and shot anything up,” Goldberg exclaimed. “It’s all been homegrown terrorists. So, why aren’t we looking at that?”

“In my view, when I look at it, it really is a Muslim ban shrouded by this national security rationale and that’s illegal,” Sunny Hostin said. “Because the constitution makes it clear that you can’t show preference to one religion over another. It’s the very foundation of our constitution.”

“All I know is everything that Donald Trump is doing is making the world a less safe place,” Behar said. “That is the bottom line of this administration. Every single thing he is doing. People in Canada now are going berserk.”

“But the bottom line is if this is about safety then let’s make America safe from within,” Goldberg added. “Because if you’re going to talk about terrorists, we got a lot of homegrown terrorists. Who’s been shooting up the clubs…the bases, that’s all homegrown. That’s not anybody coming from anywhere else.”

“All of this banning that he is doing is recruiting more ISIS terrorism,” Behar announced. “That is the bottom line of this particular thing that he’s doing. Don’t you think they are using this. They are using this against us.”



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