Joe Biden Has Already Made His First Move With an E.O. That Spits In the Face of Americans

 Joe Biden Has Already Made His First Move With an E.O. That Spits In the Face of Americans

Illegitimate President, Joe Biden isn’t wasting any time with his executive orders to undo all the amazing work President Trump has done in the last four years. So, it isn’t any surprise that he was ready to get that pen and start signing things right away!

One of those executive orders is Trumps’ border wall that has been in construction even as recent as Tuesday.

Here is more on this sad state of affairs

Bipartisan majorities in Congress refused in 2019 to fund President Trump’s plans for a massive wall along our southern border, even after he shut down the government over this issue. He then wastefully diverted billions of dollars to that construction. By proclamation, President-elect Biden will today declare an immediate termination of the national emergency declaration that was used as a pretext to justify some of the funding diversions for the wall. The proclamation directs an immediate pause in wall construction projects to allow a close review of the legality of the funding and contracting methods used, and to determine the best way to redirect funds that were diverted by the prior Administration to fund wall construction.

Construction was still ongoing as of Tuesday:


President Trump visited the wall last week.


Biden will also revoke President Trump’s travel ban, reverse his order blocking the inclusion of illegal aliens in Congressional reapportionment, and many other Trump policies meant to protect the nation from uncontrolled mass illegal immigration.



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