JFK Researchers: President Trump at Greater Risk of Assassination than Any Other President


Conspiracy theories still abound as to who actually killed John F. Kennedy, Jr., on November 22nd, 1963. The overwhelming consensus from researchers, who do not accept the official narrative, was that JFK wasn’t killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, who, himself, said, “I’m just a patsy.”

Oswald denied having killed the president and said he’d been framed because he used to live in the Soviet Union. Now, many of those same researchers, who took Oswald at his word, are convinced Donald J. Trump could be heading down the same street toward assassination that JFK traveled. And they’re very concerned.

While Donald Trump and JFK are not alike, they both appear to have a common enemy — the deep state. Regardless of how you feel about Trump’s policies, the deep state that is attempting a coup against him is far more dangerous.

According to the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Act, all government documents pertaining to the killing of our nation’s 35th president must be released by October 26th of this year. At the National Press Club last week, advocates of the Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA) held their latest forum, where they discussed the expected release of the JFK documents.

CAPA calls for complete disclosure and full release of any and all records pertinent to the assassination of one of America’s most beloved presidents. CAPA estimates “3,600 documents remain secret, largely because of objections, obstruction or confusion by various agencies.”

But it was attorney Lawrence Schnapf, Chair of the Environmental Law Section of the New York Bar Association, whose comments concerning the current president and his relationship with the Deep State (implied but not referred to as such) have the media ablaze with talk of yet another political assassination. Schnapf is the co-chair of the CAPA legal committee. After a brief discussion of why JFK’s assassination is relevant today, Schnapf compared the early 1960s with 2017. He said the Warren Commission was the “original fake news” organization whose conclusions later became the official governmental narrative, although the commission refused to pursue “exculpatory” information, which is now hidden behind “government secrecy” he says he hopes will come out this year, in compliance with the JFK Assassination Records Act.

“The press this year, this election cycle…was clearly in a bubble…just like the press in 1963 was in a Cold War bunker,” the NY lawyer said, who admitted he’d first been a journalist before going on to be a lawyer. He said the Charlie Roses and the Chris Matthews of the world operate in a “pack mentality” and will not venture outside the established mainstream media lines.

He said the media decided to “not go outside of the normal realm” and think outside the box.

“The result of this thinking is that JFK researchers are seen as Hillary’s deplorables […] The same things that happened in 1963 are happening now,” he said, implying the political climate is ripe for another assassination. “The Cruz father story…this is a classic example of [how] the media has been misreporting the Kennedy assassination from day one.”

It demonstrates how the news media is biased toward Trump and how reporters should have dug deeper to get to the truth about what Trump said. “He said nothing about being involved in the Kennedy assassination,” the lawyer said. “Donald Trump was crazy, he was calling Ted Cruz’ father a conspiracist. It means Donald Trump is unqualified to be president.”

He said the real story was “who was around Oswald” and “we have reason to believe those people were Cuban exiles” and that they “missed that story completely because of their group think.”

Schnapf then turned his attention to the problem of government making it difficult to comply with the Freedom of Information Act. He pointed the finger at the Obama administration for creating a “culture of secrecy.”

He also stated many governmental entities are classifying documents which shouldn’t be classified, and destroying others so that they don’t have to comply with FOIA. He said the real reason why the Obama administration was using private email was because the private email isn’t subject to FOIA requests.

Another way the government is getting around the federal records act is to destroy those government documents before they are catalogued. He said Gov. Andrew Cuomo made his administration destroy documents after 30 days, and did so routinely up until just a few months ago.

The New York lawyer also pointed out the FBI meddled with a presidential election. Addressing Director James Comey’s comments, Schnapf said it wasn’t Comey’s decision whether or not to recommend the Department of Justice open an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. He said that was the DOJ’s call to decide to prosecute Hillary Clinton, and wasn’t a judgement call for the director of the FBI to make.

Implying the Deep State is involved, he said they’ve “politicized our institutions,” and are pulling strings behind the scenes, which led him to the ultimate conclusion the similarities are striking between the 1960s and the year 2017.

He said, “one out of 10 Cuban refugees were Castro agents,” and seemed to align his beliefs with the sitting president’s contention the Middle Eastern refugees are infiltrators. He said with Donald Trump having alienated himself and his administration from the Intelligence Community, the president may be barking up the wrong tree, so to speak.

One doesn’t have to look any further than the ongoing saga from a Trump tweet that insisted President Obama had eavesdropped on Trump conversations, an accusation now proven true by those who seemingly broke rank with the Deep State. All the while the intelligence community, including the FBI and the DOJ, insisted Trump’s claims were unfounded.

“I’m [not] really worried about whether you like Donald Trump or not, I’m concerned about where this is going. Everything is still in place,” he said, fully implying, but not expressly stating, an assassination could occur again.

Turning attention again to the case of JFK, the group plans to use the shell casings found on the scene and 21st-century ballistics analyses to conclusively determine whether or not Oswald actually killed JFK.

He said they’re first going to conduct a mock trial in November, and later an official legal proceeding called a “Court of Inquiry,” an official court proceeding to definitely prove “Lee Oswald was not the shooter…that’s what we hope to prove.”

The group hopes to expunge Oswald’s name from the official narrative, clearing not only his, but also his daughter’s, to “expunge the stain of their father’s name from” theirs.

“Oswald was not convictable, much less indictable,” he concluded.

The reputable lawyer contends that the mainstream media often overlooks the real story; that the government is not transparent; and that the Department of Justice (which also includes the FBI) has been politicized.

“Today’s terrorists [were] 1960s communists. We are doing the same thing that we did then,” he concluded, comparing the two era’s refugees, adding the political climate is eerily similar — something which apparently keeps the lawyer awake at night.

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