Jealous ‘Monster’ Disemboweled Girlfriend, Raped Her With Beer Bottle After She Said The Wrong Thing…

Florida man Fidel Lopez, 26 pled guilty to killing his girlfriend and disemboweling her. He admitted to killing his 31-year-old girlfriend, Maria Nemeth. He reportedly flew into a rage when she mentioned her former husband’s name while they were having sex back in 2015.

According to Crime Online:

Lopez also is accused of raping Nemeth with a hair straightener and a beer bottle before ripping out her intestines, the Sun Sentinel reports.

The confessed killer reportedly called authorities himself and first claimed that Nemeth was having breathing problems and that she had vomited and collapsed in the couple’s apartment in Sunrise, Florida, just west of Fort Lauderdale.

When emergency responders arrived, they found a grisly scene: Lopez was crying next to Nemeth’s naked body on a bathroom floor, blood was everywhere and there were “several chunks of body tissue on the floor,” according to a police report obtained by WPLG.

Lopez first told police that he and the girlfriend had rough sex and that she wanted him to use the beer bottle as a sex toy, even after she had started to bleed.

But as police further questioned Lopez, he eventually confessed that he had committed the crime while drunk and in the fog of jealous rage after she called out the name of her ex-husband while the two were having intercourse.

“She was calling me another dude’s name,” Lopez told police. “She was confusing me with him. If I was sober, maybe I would have just left the apartment. But I was drunk.”

Lopez later told investigators that he became a “monster.” He admitted to sticking his arm inside Nemeth’s anus and vagina “all the way up to his elbow” and then ripping out her intestines, WPLG reports.

Lopez had initially pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and two counts of sexual battery in October, according to the New York Daily News.

Now that Lopez has pleaded guilty, the death penalty is off the table. However, Lopez still faces life in prison under the plea deal.

“You are going to die in prison,” Broward County Circuit Judge Ilona Holmes told Lopez on Thursday.

Lopez sentencing will begin on August 3. The family of the victim will be in attendance to address the court over the brutal killings.

Source: Crime Online


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