James Hodgkinson Posted Criticism About Scalise and Was Interviewed By Fox News [VIDEO]

As we learn more about the leftist shooter on the baseball diamond, we learn that he may have intentionally targeted Steve Scalise.  In 2015, Hodgkinson tweeted out a cartoon criticizing Scalise.  He was also interviewed in 2011 as part of the Occupy St Louis protests.  He was a liberal and a loony tune mentally deficient man.  (That was redundant wasn’t it?)

 FOX 2 interviewed Hodgkinson in 2011 during an “Occupy” protest at Kiener Plaza in downtown St. Louis.

“The 99 percent are getting pushed around and the one percent don’t give a damn. So, we got to speak up for the whole country,” said Hodgkinson.

A Washington hospital says the congressman shot during a baseball practice is in critical condition following surgery. MedStar Washington said in a tweet Wednesday afternoon that Rep. Steve Scalise “was critically injured ad remains in critical condition.” It provided no further details about him.

Scalise was among several people wounded when a rifle-wielding attacker fired on Republican lawmakers on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, outside Washington. The attacker was shot and later died. The hospital said another victim of the shooting is in good condition. It did not identify the victim.

The FBI says it’s investigating the social media presence and motives of the Illinois man suspected in a shooting that injured Rep. Steve Scalise and several others.

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A now-deleted Facebook account belonging to James Hodgkinson mentioned Rep. Steve Scalise in 2014. Hodgkinson allegedly shot Scalise on Wednesday.




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