• May 25, 2024

Islamic Gang Meets Christian Justice

 Islamic Gang Meets Christian Justice

Things are getting so bad, a Christian cannot even walk down the streets of a major city. Police have arrested a gang of young Muslim men after they say the men were walking down city streets and randomly attacking any white males that weren’t Muslims. The attacks were so bad, that at least one witness said he feared the men, Amin Mohmed, 24, Mohammed Patel, 20 and Faruq Patel, 19 were ISIS terrorists.

The Muslim men went on a rampage through the Liverpool city centre attacking strangers because they were white “non-Muslims” according to officers. The drunken youths targeted three unknown men before they attacked Gary Bohanna when he revealed he was Christian. Later, a laughing Faruq Patel, filmed Mohmed punching a St Helens councilor Paul Lynch to the ground, as his terrified girlfriend tried to protect him.

The attacks took place on march 20th, but the men were finally just brought to trial this week. During the trial, the Liverpool Crown Court heard from counter-terrorism officers who raided the men’s homes after shocking incident. Following their testimony, Judge Louise Brandon, said: “This was a disgraceful and sustained campaign of violence carried out on the streets of this city.”

Edris Nosrati said he spotted two of the gang attacking a man in Bold Street at around 3:30am. Nostati told the court, “I was concerned because one of them seemed to be using racist language, talking about Muslims and Christians. Then he added; “One of them came up to me and said ‘are you a Muslim?’ I said I was, but the man said ‘well, what’s the Muslim word?’”

Mr Nosrati replied with a “well-known” Arabic phrase: “There is only one God, and Muhammad is a messenger.” With that, Mr Nosrati was told “you can go”, but when he tried to stop them punching another man, one replied: “It’s none of your business.”

Nosrati said he followed the gang to Renshaw Street, where he saw Mr Bohanna asked: “What are you?” The victim appeared confused, but when one of them said “I’m a Muslim, what are you?” Bohanna answered “I’m a Christian”. With that the attacker shouted “Why aren’t you a Muslim?” before punching him twice, breaking his glasses and causing a 2cm cut above his left eye.

The gang then encountered Mr Lynch, and his girlfriend Jill Newton.

Faruq captured on video Mohmed punching Mr Lynch with a “sickening blow” that could be “seen and heard”. No racist comments were used, but Faruq could be heard laughing as the victim fell. Mr Nosrati called police but Faruq fled, so the witness chased and caught him. During his capture, Faruq punched Mr Nosrati and struck him in the eye with his phone.

Mr Bohanna and Mr Lynch – who suffered bruising and bleeding to his eyes, were both taken to the hospital. In court, the trio confessed to “targeting people because they were white and non-Muslim”. Faruq admitted filming “because he thought it was funny” and described it “as a laugh”.

Judge Brandon was not amused and told the men; “the joint attack on Mr Lynch, frightened Miss Newton so badly, she had no idea what you were going to do next”. Mohmed cried as he was sentenced to 42 weeks. Mohammed and Faruq Patel received 42 and 18 weeks respectively in a young offenders institution.

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