• June 25, 2024

Is Justice Kennedy Likely To Retire Next Week?

 Is Justice Kennedy Likely To Retire Next Week?

One of the biggest issues in the last election was the replacement of Justice Anton Scalia, well now it looks like that was just a prelude to destiny. The latest word out of Washington is that Justice Anthony Kennedy has just sent a formal letter to President Trump and while the subject of the letter is not known, speculation is running rampant that it pertains to his upcoming decision to retire.


Publicly, Justice Kennedy has not made any statement on his possible retirement despite rampant speculation on the subject. On Saturday evening he did acknowledge recent news reports speculating about his possible retirement, and once again left the question hanging letting even his closest constituency keep guessing.

As the Court’s senior member Kennedy, installed as a Conservative frequently voting to support Liberal issues, has frequently been its deciding vote on cases involving gay rights, abortion access, capital punishment and other major issues embraced by the left. At the Friday night dinner for his past and present law clerks Kennedy left the question unanswered. Among the approximately 200 attendees were many illustrious alumni of the Kennedy chambers, including Neil Gorsuch, the Supreme Court’s newest justice just appointed by President Trump.

When the moment of truth came, according to several who attended, Justice Kennedy looked solemnly around the room and said he had a final announcement to make, concerning an issue of untold speculation. As the crowd held its breath, the 80-year-old Justice declared: The bar would be open downstairs.

But despite the avoidance of the issue, word is circulating that Justice Kennedy sent a formal letter addressed to the President of the United States Today notifying him that the Justice would retire after the last of this sessions decisions were made public. We are still trying to verify this claim from another source. If it is true, it would open the door for President Trump to appoint yet another Justice to the nations highest court. Mr. Trump has already promised that Justice would be another from the mold of Justices Scalia and Gorsuch, an action that would drive liberals even further over the edge and swing the balance of the court for years to come.

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