Instant Karma for Road Rage Pedestrian [VIDEO]

A man was driving down the street when the light turned red and he stopped.  A man was crossing in the crosswalk, yeling at the driver for whatever reason.  In fact, he is so busy yelling at a car waiting for the light that he failed to see the large pole he walked right into.  He then charged the car and yelled even louder at the driver as if he made the pole appear out of nowhere to attack the pedestrian.

 This video definitely qualifies as viral, as it has had almost seven million views, more than one hundred thousand “likes,” and more than six thousand comments. In fact, people have been saying all kinds of things in response to this video.

“His dog is like ‘I’m sick of your s*&t Gary let’s just get home’.”- Kitty

“An old man walk into the bar…”- Naruto Uzumaki


“That dog must be so Embarrassed! Haha!”- Joshua Korvin

“I feel sorry for that dog.”- Rhianna Craig

“Pedestrian scolds driver for not stopping quick enough. Pedestrian can’t even stop quick enough himself.”- Harely Morenstein

“maybe he should have been pole-iter.”- MrNobibobi

“I like how he winds up like a cartoon like ‘why I oughtta…’”- Jared Cross

“You didn’t do anything wrong. You stopped at the lights like you’re supposed to, why was he angry? Then gets even more fired up after running into the pole, Bizarre behaviour.”

“Yeah, like it was the guy’s fault he wasn’t looking where he was going and somehow magic’ed a pole in front of him. lmfao. Seriously bro, you gonna abuse someone over something he didn’t even have a hand in at that point?”- Annmary

At least a few commenters were defending the pedestrian, saying things like:

“How was the pedestrian in the wrong? He was telling him to slow down cause he came up to the cross walk so fast. I’m confused.”- Jessie Kat



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