Infant Baby Born Healthy Dies Just 2 Weeks Later After Someone With Herpes Kissed Her

The tragic story of an infant girl is making headlines due to the bizarre circumstances that led to her death. Apparently, baby Mariana was born a healthy baby but just 2 weeks later she was dead. Doctors believe her death was caused by someone who had contact with her and transmitted the Herpes virus. The parents both tested negative for the virus leaving many wondering where Mariana got the virus from in the first place.

According to Crime Online: 

Baby Mariana was born to Shane and Nicole Sifrit on July 1. Six days later, the happy couple was married.

The celebrations didn’t last long, however, as Mariana had to be rushed to the hospital just two afters after her parents said their vows. When they noticed the infant wasn’t eating and was slow to wake up, the parents left their reception for the Blank Children’s Hospital where doctors diagnosed Mariana with meningitis HSV-1.

The father said that the infant’s condition deteriorated rapidly.

“It immediately went downhill from there. Within two hours she had quit breathing and all of her organs just started to fail.”

Mariana underwent six blood-transfusions within the first 48 hours, but her kidneys failed. She had to be put on dialysis, and she suffered internal bleeding as a result of liver failure.

The baby was airlifted to the University of Iowa hospital on July 10 to be treated by teams of specialists. The parents were told Sunday that if Mariana’s liver didn’t repair itself, she would not survive. The situation worsened the following day.

Nicole posted to Facebook that the infant had no brain activity, and her lungs, heart, liver, and kidney were failing on Monday.

Just after 8:40 a.m. Tuesday morning, baby Mariana passed away in her father’s arms. Her mother posted on Facebook to inform friends family, and to express the hope that their child’s story will save others in the future.

“She is now no longer suffering and is with the Lord. In her 18 days of life she made a huge impact on the world and we hope with Mariana’s Story we save numerous newborns life. R.I.P. sweet angel.”

WQAD reports that doctors believe Mariana contracted the virus through a kiss from someone who was carrying, though not necessarily through an opened sore. Both parents tested negative for the virus, so it was likely a family member who came to visit the newborn. Nicole said the doctor explained how it passes.“They touch her, and then she touches her mouth with her hand.”

“They touch her, and then she touches her mouth with her hand.”

The Sifrits are now raising awareness to other parents about the dangers of letting people near a newborn. They urge parents to make sure any visitors are washing their hands, and not kissing the baby.

GoFundMe page has been set up to help the devastated parents with Mariana’s medical expenses.


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