If You See These Mysterious White Pebbles Outside Your House, Call The Police

It’s actually not just white stones that a person should be looking out for. Homeowners should be looking for anything outside the house that is out of place or seemingly came from nowhere. It may just be nothing, but odds are that someone placed the random object there intentionally. Police say that white stones and other little symbols are actually markings left by people which serve as signals for robbers. It’s a sign that your house is either vulnerable to a break in or contains valuable items that a thief may want to steal.ieplojdc9g06zyfwspxq

If you happen to see these stones, you should be on the lookout for other strange activity in your neighborhood.
One common warning sign that your home may be burglarized is if random vehicles are sitting on your block or driving slowly by your home. They may be casing your house, trying to get an idea of when you are home and when you aren’t. Once they have a feel for your routine, they may try to break in your home. The same may be true if a strange person seems to be walking by your home on a regular basis. It’s entirely possible that this person may just be walking by on their way to work, but it also may be a warning sign that a robber has made you a target.

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