Idaho Man Loses 7 TEETH After Vape Blows Up In His Face [PHOTOS]

An Idaho father lost seven teeth and was left with second degree burns to his cheek after his vape pen exploded in his face.

Andrew Hall was getting ready for work at home in Pocatello, Idaho, when he said the device exploded without warning.

It shattered into pieces in his mouth, knocking out his teeth and burning his face and neck along with smoke marks to the wall of his bathroom, where he was at the time.

The 30-year-old car salesman shared photographs of his injuries from the intensive care unit of a hospital to warn other smokers how dangerous the electronic cigarettes can be.

He posted on Facebook:

Yesterday morning I was getting ready for work when I had something happen to me that I didn’t expect possible.

I Vape (I know, terrible and uncool) but I no longer do and I hope to possible sway those that do to maybe reevaluate or find other methods of smoking.

I’ve been doing this for about a year now and assure you I did not do anything I wasn’t supposed to (battery was in right, always had the shop put it together when I first bought it and add things and maintenance it the right way while taking their advice) but it exploded in my face.

I’ve lost at least 7 teeth, 2nd degree burns to face and neck and have been pulling chunks of plastic, teeth and foreign objects from mouth, throat and lips.”



Mr Hall, who has three children, shared several photographs of his injuries and of the damage to his home done by the explosion after being accused of making up the story.

Several skeptics claimed he had ‘faked’ the incident and that the damage was exaggerated.

“The torch marks are on the wall and roof are continuations from my face. Also the explosion downward broke my sink. I’m interested in the same comments from certain people to see what kind words you have to say now,” he said.

The photographs showed a shattered sink and black, smoke marks on the wall. One showed the remains of Mr Hall’s LG HG2 battery. Batteries are widely considered to be the cause of vape pen explosions.


It’s not clear which model Mr Hall was smoking. He claims he had it put together by staff at the vape store where he bought it.

He is not the first to suffer serious burns or facial injuries from exploding electronic cigarettes.

In February, a Kentucky man was left with second degree burns to his leg after his device exploded in his pocket.


Another from Texas sued the vape shop where he bought the product after suffering similar injuries.

A New York man had his tongue split in two when his vape pen exploded in his mouth while he was smoking it.

In 2015, a Colorado student broke his neck and several of the bones in his face in a similar incident.


The FDA recently announced a two-day workshop in April where it will investigate the dangers of electronic cigarettes. A reported 66 cases of exploding devices were reported to it between 2015 and 2016.


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