• May 18, 2024

HUH? Southern California Highway Renamed After Barack Obama!

 HUH? Southern California Highway Renamed After Barack Obama!

One has to wonder exactly the steps that goes into naming a street or a highway after someone.

Not necessarily the idea itself, that makes sense but why they choose the person that they pick.

Often times it has to do if the person that they are naming the street after had something to do with the city that they grew up in or did something major in during their life.

Which leads one to wonder why exactly did a town in California name something the Barack Obama highway.

Are there a lot of car wrecks or something?

Via Breitbart:

A five-mile section of the 134 Ventura freeway has been renamed after 44th President Barack Obama, who attended Occidental College in nearby Eagle Rock.

On Thursday, Caltrans spokesman Marc Bischoff announced that the new signs were unveiled at two locations: one on the right shoulder of westbound State Route 134 in Pasadena — not far from where the former POTUS lived during his days as a student — and the other at the eastbound 134 near Glendale.

The “President Barack H. Obama Highway” was most likely part of a young Obama’s daily route to Occidental. That school would host his first political speech, wherein he urged the college to divest itself of its investments in South Africa.

“The president has often mentioned his fond memories of living in Pasadena and attending Occidental College, so it was very appropriate to name the portion of the freeway he traveled after him,” said La Canada Flintridge’s Democratic state Senator Anthony Portantino.

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