• April 18, 2024

Huffo and One of Their Writers Responsible For Shooting of Steve Scalise

 Huffo and One of Their Writers Responsible For Shooting of Steve Scalise

Just three short days before crazed liberal, James Hodgkinson shot up the baseball diamond and Steve Scalise, there was an article in the Huffington Post calling for the executions of President Trump, his cabinet and all republicans in Congress.  Hodgkinson was an avid reader of left wing loony sites and that would make the HuffPo the ideal place for a crazy to get the inspiration to shoot republicans.

The writer, Jason Fuller, a contributor to the HuffPo should be arrested by the Secret Service so that he can stand trial for attempted murder and inciting to riot.  The article was so incendiary that after the shooting, the HuffPo removed the article from their website.  But not before it was captured in a screen grab.

This f*&king idiot claims Trump’s war against ISIS is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  So,  Obama who gave them over a billion dollars worth of munitions is a patriot and Trump who wants them dead is a treasonous bastard.  (Parents use this to warn your kids about hitting the crack pipe.)

He digs his IQ a deeper grave by claiming firing Comey was an act of obstruction and therefore treason.  Trump fired the incompetent Comey, which then placed the investigation in the hands of  Andrew G. McCabe, whose wife raked in over $400k from Hillary Clinton bagman , Terry McAuliffe.  McCabe was in charge of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton.  Shortly after the check cleared so was Hillary.  Doesn’t sound like a smart plan to me if obstruction was your goal, but let’s admit it Fuller may not be the biggest idiot in the world.  After all, he might have a younger brother.

His future should include a lifetime behind bars with a cellmate named Bruno.  Scratch that.  He would enjoy that too much.  Make that Abdul.

He may have inspired someone trying to get at President Trump.  Four days after his article, a driver infiltrated Trump’s motorcade and ran over a Secret Service agent that tried to stop him.

I would also like to see Steve Scalise and the others who were shot sue the HuffPo for damages by printing material aimed at inciting crazies to violence.

H/T Washington Times


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