Hosts On “The View” Are STUNNED By What Trump Supporters Always Knew [VIDEO]

The women who hosts “The View” are stunned that Donald Trump is following through with promises he made on the campaign trail.

During Wednesday’s episode of the show, Joy Behar accused the president of using his voter fraud allegations to “distract America from looking at his extreme, reactionary agenda that he is pushing through.”

Jedidah Bila, a former Fox News contributor and new host of the show, said she didn’t think his agenda is all that reactionary.

“When you look at his agenda, it’s exactly what he said he was going to do,” Bila told Behar. “This is what people who voted for him voted for.”

“Literally — he is doing exactly what he said he was going to do,” Behar complained.

“If I’m a center-right person and I’m looking at the agenda, I’m not surprised by any of it,” Bila continued. “This is exactly what I thought he was going to do.”

Later in the show, Whoopi Goldberg complained that Republicans would fix roads, bridges and other infrastructure problems so they could say “we fixed the country.”

“Anything they can get done where they can say, ‘See! He’s doing his job.’”



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