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Homeowner Moves Out Of Home, Horrified To See What’s Been Hiding In Cement Cellar For Years [VIDEO]

 Homeowner Moves Out Of Home, Horrified To See What’s Been Hiding In Cement Cellar For Years [VIDEO]

Spanish Fork City Police Department is investigating after a man found human bones in his backyard Monday morning, according to ABC4 Utah.

The resident who lives in the house at 80 North 800 East is in the process of moving. The individual was removing things from a cement cellar when he noticed an area on the dirt floor of the cellar was sinking.

The man along with a friend who was helping him move, dug down into the floor and found what appeared to be a human skull. Police say the skull was wrapped in a blanket and plastic mesh. They immediately called police.

The resident told police a neighbor informed him that the previous person who lived at the property was a missing person and she had never been found. This information, reportedly, made the man curious and he told police that’s why he and his friend dug up the cellar floor.

The skull and other remains found will be taken to the State of Utah Medical Examiner’s Office for identification.

Spanish Fork police say it’s possible the bones are that of a missing woman from 1988. On July 15, 1988, Peggy Sue Case was reported missing by co-workers.

Peggy lived at the house where the remains were found. Police investigated her case back then, but say they were unable to find any evidence.

“I was really shocked, I never thought I would hear this news,” said Jennifer Bair, who used to live in the duplex next to Case.

At the time, Peggy was living with man named Michael Kurfin. He was identified as a person of interest in Peggy’s disappearance.

“He scared me, speaking for myself. He was scary,” said Blair, remembering Kurfin.

“One time they were not home and we peeked in the windows and the wall had swords & knives,” added Kurfin.

Police say they won’t be able to move forward on the case until the remains are identified.

Source: Americanow.com

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