• June 12, 2024

Homeowner Hears Noises in the Attic, Shocked To Find What It Was

 Homeowner Hears Noises in the Attic, Shocked To Find What It Was

A Virginia woman heard noises in the attic above her apartment.  She didn’t know what the noise was but she thought it might be the landlord, who often placed things in the attic for storage.  When she talked to the landlord, she learned that it was not him and the landlord called the police to check out the attic.  The police found that noise came from a homeless person who had set up camp in the attic.

The woman said she started hearing the noises Friday night in the house she rents in the Pentagon City neighborhood of Arlington.

“I heard footsteps above me, and I checked in with my landlord, because sometimes he’s used the storage above,” the woman, who requested that she not be identified, told NBC Washington.

The landlord called Arlington County Police at 1:30 a.m. to investigate the situation.

Once officers arrived, they discovered that the noise did not come from a critter or a creaky floorboard but from a homeless man.

“As we [officers] were coming up that staircase, they announced that officers were on scene and that if you were in the attic, to come forward,” police spokeswoman Ashley Savage told the New York Times.

Police took the man, Anthony Jones, 60, into custody after he came forward without incident. Jones is being charged with unlawful entry for allegedly breaking into the woman’s home and is being held without bond, according to a police statement.

Police found a backpack, clothes, and bedding in the space where he set up but were not sure how long he had been in the attic.

Jones refused to speak to police, but authorities suspect he gained entry into the house through a sliding glass door.

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