Hit-And-Run Driver Slams Into Cyclist Before Quickly Speeding Away [VIDEO]

Police are hunting a hit-and-run driver who was caught on CCTV knocking down a cyclist before callously reversing and speeding away. The female rider was left for dead in the middle of the road after she was mown down as she cycled across a junction in the early hours.

Shocking footage of the crash, which happened at around 4.20am yesterday, shows her riding across Fosse Road South and Upperton Road, in Leicester. Moments later, a car plows into the side of the cyclist – sending her sprawling onto the road.

The car then reverses at speed before driving off, leaving her lying badly injured. The victim was finally helped by a passing motorist and shopkeeper Subhas Varambhia.
She was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The cyclist, who was approaching the junction at a right angle to the vehicle, appears on the footage to have ignored a red light as she crossed it. Footage from a second camera also shows the car appearing to slow down as the driver approaches a red traffic light at the junction, but accelerates as the light turns green.

Mr. Varambhia, owner of a newsagent’s shop, whose security cameras recorded the crash, said: ‘The driver stopped for a few seconds, but then reversed and drove away. ‘How could you do that? How could you leave someone like that? The driver didn’t even get out of the car to see if she was alive. The woman was lying in the road and screaming in pain.

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