He’s Known For His Crazy Wildlife Stunts But Him Handling A Black Widow Might Be The Scariest Yet [VIDEO]

Coyote Peterson is a nut, he often records himself handling dangerous creatures and often pays the price. But it’s all in the name of fame.

In the area surrounding his house, Peterson searched for a black widow and found one underneath a rock. He wanted to test whether she would bite him when held.

Being knowledgeable about this particular species, he wasn’t concerned that her venom would kill him. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t actually very aggressive towards humans and most people recover from their bites in about a day with treatment.

Watch Peterson handling the creature below as he finds out whether he’ll be bitten or not. Do NOT try this at home!

Peterson has many videos that are just as dangerous if not more than this and you can watch them on his YouTube channel. If you thought this was cool share it with your friends so they can learn just a little more about this highly venomous spider that could be living in their backyard.

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