Heroic Little Girl In Passenger Seat, Calls 911 When Big Sister Has Seizure At The Wheel [WATCH]

An emergency situation can strike at any time, and it’s best to be prepared for anything that can happen. That’s why we plan escape routes, places to seek shelter, and put together survival kits. It’s also why many of us learn how to perform life-saving maneuvers like CPR or the Heimlich maneuver.

But we can’t prepare for every emergency. 8-year-old Jayda Bell certainly wasn’t equipped to deal with the one that occurred in her sister’s car, while on the road.

Suddenly, her older sister started shaking behind the wheel. She was having a seizure, and couldn’t control the car.

So Jayda jumped into action. She had no idea what to do and was frightened, but used her instincts. She pushed on her sister’s foot, the one over the break pedal, to stop the car.

Then, without even knowing, she put the car into ‘neutral’ and got out. She opened the rear door, and pulled out her 2-year-old niece while still trying to stop the car from rolling. She then got 911 on the phone to get her sister some help

While Jayda may not have known what she was doing at the time, her decisions made a huge difference for her family: thanks to her, everyone in that car, including herself, is alive! The 911 dispatcher was even impressed by how calm and collected she was on the phone.


E. Goldstein

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