Hero Firefighters And Police Thrown By Huge Explosion Captured On Bodycam [RAW VIDEO]

Hero firefighters were thrown to the floor after a huge explosion which was captured on a bodycam. Dramatic video footage recorded the moment a propane tank suddenly exploded with a huge blast – sending huge roaring flames soaring into the air.

Police officers and firefighters were left strewn on the ground by the force of the impact. Emergency services arrived on the scene of a fire in Limestone, Maine, US, just as the tank exploded, according to reports.

The Limestone Police Chief, who posted the video, can be heard shouting to a firefighter on his way to tackle the blaze on Thursday at about 12.30pm. Firefighter Scott Patten told WLBZ2.com : “I’m lucky to be alive. I heard the propane tanks whistling and the next thing I knew I was on the ground.

“I had a guardian angel watching out for me that day.”

Scott burnt his face and head in the incident but hopes to be well enough to return to work in a couple of weeks. The footage was shared online to show the camaraderie of the police and firefighters, and how crucial the emergency services are across different communities.

A Facebook post from the Limestone Police Department said: “This is a clip from my body camera at the fire that occurred here in Limestone on 06-08-2017. This video is of when the explosion took place.

“Those who choose to be a firefighter whether full-time or as a volunteer know the hazards of the job.

“I commend those that want to, “put the wet stuff on the red stuff” and lay their lives on the line each and every time they head out.

“This incident is a prime example of how things can change in an instant.”

The post was signed off by Limestone Police Chief, Stacey J. Mahan, and ended with an apparent old saying: “Why did God make Firefighters? So cops could have heroes.” Many praised the brave actions of the firefighters after the footage went was shared on social media.

Writing on Facebook, Scott Cyr said: “This serves as a great reminder of what risks our volunteer/paid call firefighters and career emergency responders can face.

“If you are an individual that thinks our emergency responders get paid too much- what do you think now?”

Laurie Bell said: “Thank you for sharing, so everyone can witness what our sons, husbands, brothers, fathers, sisters , wives, daughters do for us. They are true heroes.”

Hallie Stokely added: “Feeling blessed that my son wasn’t injured. He was a firefighter on scene.”

Source: Mirror

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